Susan treasured everything about this product, he liked how it featured, how it thought, the way it spent some time working

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Susan treasured everything about this product, he liked how it featured, how it thought, the way it spent some time working

Due to the fact a good Braindark

Braindark stays in the fresh much future of Dextopia where Old man Dexter permanently imprisoned your from inside the a brain container to own his crimes from the world in fact it is obligated to live in the brand new Dexter Museum. Their container is totally immobile so there isn’t far he can do other than cam and shout aside insults including a good grumpy old man. In the event that day take a trip Dexters happy to competition Overlord Mandark, the guy summoned his very own earlier selves to aid him, including Mandark, Manager Mandark and you will Braindark. Into the battle, Braindark and you may Old man Dexter only exchanged senile insults. Yet not Braindark’s insults appeared as if weakening Old-man Dexter’s eliminate, however, sooner or later Old-man Dexter were able to gain top of the hands and avoid brand new barrage away from insults. When the Dexters ready to deactivate this new Neurotomic Protocore, every one of them was indeed grabbed of the its respective Mandark, prior to they might deactivate it, Dee Dee appeared away from Dexter’s Big date Server and all sorts of the fresh new Mandark’s instantaneously dropped in love once viewing its dear Dee Dee just after way too long. Dee Dee following unknowingly de-activated the newest Protocore and set its time efficiency to positive, and therefore undid each one of Overlord Mandark’s worst and you may triggered their body to burst, leaving behind simply his brain and thus flipping your on Braindark. Mandark, Executive Mandark and Future Braindark where up coming repaid on the own cycles.


The second situations are just referenced inside the season 3 and you may 4, and has inconsistencies one oppose situations and you can emails off 12 months 1 and you will dos. In addition to the simple fact that adopting the incidents are not the task regarding series writer Genndy Tartakovsky, its canonicity are unsure and maybe apocryphal.

Beginning and you can Very early Youthfulness

Mandark came into this world the kid of hippie pacifists also known as Windbear and you will Flowertopia and you can is birthed by the his mother during a small wooden pool out of drinking water. On being created, Mandark was already tainted that have a dark and evil vibe, almost as though a dark colored exposure had zapped him that have unspeakable worst, yet not their mothers had been completely unaware of which.

Once the his moms and dads imagine right up a name because of their guy, it conveyed which they need a name which had been not in the adjusts off people, beyond the preconceived intercourse connotations, a name that is whispered gently from canyon winds, plus they entitled your Susan, hence instantly produced the child Mandark cry having suffering.

One day, a child Susan try wallowing throughout the their embarrassing habitat away from lifetime when he met an oddly set little bit of tech you to got located their ways to your center of Flowertopia and no factor why. As he turned into they for the, they created a shiny light one to driven Susan to find out more regarding tech and you will research. He understood if he might just grasp this point titled research he’d be able to manage the nation. Oceanbird and you can Windbear although not did not approve of. They sensed inside life style in the world the way it was developed, when it was natural rather than overwhelmed by technical, and additionally they grabbed it out-of and you can him and you can rather did many facts also him such enjoying nature and you will reflection, however, not one of delighted Susan as he hated each of it because they all got nothing in connection with tech, technology otherwise evil.

Whenever an early Susan let out his frustration and rejected his hippie lifetime with the their birthday celebration, their moms and dads chose to head out to the world in hopes out-of probably helping Susan find just what he was shopping for. As they journeyed the world, Susan nonetheless believed discontent with his life and you may shortage of tech, regardless of how beautiful the latest urban centers they visited were.